For the Companies and Home users

Do you work in a company with many Branches? Do you make a lot of International calls? Do you have a lot of Business around the world? Do you travel a lot for Business?

Now GULFSIP VIP Numbers is the right solution for your company and your Business, This services is a 4 Digits numbers Which works just like a normal Local Extension in your company (Just like any Normal PBX Extension numbers) You can Buy these short 4 Digits VIP Numbers and use them in your company Branches and Talk Free 24 Hrs. without any Restriction for the Minutes. also You can use these short numbers to keep in touch with all your Business While on Road or in the AirPort by using the GULFSIP IPhone or Android .

By using this GULFSIP VIP Numbers services as our New Free International Extension numbers, now we can say Good-bye to Our Company Monthly expenses

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