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1.Trade Mark

Brand name (GULFSIP) is a registered trademark internationally as the GULFSIP technology.

Accordingly, the use of the company's brand without prior official approval is a legal offence and the right of the company on the track to take all legal proceedings for that offence.

2.Products and warranty

All GULFSIP devices are manufacturing high-quality and internationally branded quality by certificate American FCC standards and quality standards of the European CE and therefore all our products guaranteed for only one year from the date of sale (doesn't include the sponsorship of abuse or damage due to electricity problems).

Through our official website or through one of our branches or our agents or our official dealers

3.GULFSIP account property

Customers have the right to own more than one GULFSIP account in GULFSIP network , Customers are also entitled to transfer ownership of these accounts from his personal property to someone else's property under the terms set in this agreement .

The company has the right to withdraw the number and re-sell it again to another customer after 90 days from the date of expiry. Client is not entitled to claim any sums of money (the credit of the account at the moment of cancellation) were exists in the account after the expiry of this period to 90 days.

4.GULFSIP VIP numbers

The Company has the right to provide these category of customers who own this VIP numbers whether it was free from us or with cheap cost with all available professional services , and other customers don't have the right to ask the same.

5.GULFSIP Free and non Free GULFSIP number

GULFSIP Offers Free GULFSIP numbers trough our Official iPhone and Android Applications

These Free GULFSIP numbers includes free credit for making international Calls to any normal mobile or land line around the world , as a matter of Trial for the customer.

The subscription of this service limited to only 3 months from the date of the first call, whether this call from GULFSIP To GULFSIP or international Call to any Mobile or land line, and then the customer have pays the annual or monthly according to the customers desires ,And the customer can check the subscription fees through our website renew page.

Available in website certain types of numbers that are sold with a specific fee , and has free credit and renewal pre-defined by the company, please make sure that you know these information before you buy and pay

6.Transfer balance fees from GULFSIP to another GULFSIP

Transferring Credit between your Own GULFSIP costs 0.1 $

Transferring from your GULFSIP number to any other GULFSI number Owned by another Customer Costs 0.25 $

The Company has the right to Change or cancel these Fees without referring back to the customer

7.GULFSIP account registration and data

Each client binding and before purchasing or registrating the ownership of his account , whether through our official website or our official branches agents or distributors, to provide correct personal data and non-fraudulent and that for security reasons and it's are as follows: (First name - last name - phone number - e-mail - full address) and other important data.

  • The company has the right to disconnect all lines that do not registered any unused data, or false or incorrect.
  • We should point out that this disconnection may occur within 30 days from the date of the first call.
  • The company has the right to withdraw the number and re-sell it again to another client after 90 days from the date of expiration or disconnection .
  • Client is not entitled to claim any money or doing any legal action as a result of this chapter

8.Privacy and confidentiality of information

Confidentiality of customer's information we have is the most important things we have and not allowed to in any way to ask for it , only formal & legal. And it is not entitled to any customer or any other side inquiry of any customer's data only within the legal controls applicable.

All calls in GULFSIP network is highly secure and secret in our network and have been working on it in a development way with a complex systems and encrypted to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the customers.

These rules does not entitle the customer's confidentiality assault by saying or SMS to another customers , whatever the circumstances and reasons, and therefore each customer will take the full legal responsibility towards this ethical and legal overtaking that happened.

9.Disconnect service

The company have the right to disconnect the service in the following cases without incurring any liability or physical about this disconnection.

  1. Misuse of network services and disturbing others.
  2. Non existing customer's data or lack of data for the user's personal account. account will be disconnected within 30 days from the date of the first call.
  3. Non-payment of annual or monthly subscriptions for the service.
  4. The existence of fraud or manipulation in the approved payment methods for our active such as(Visa , Master , K-Net , PayPal and Cashu)
  5. Assault on the company or on one of its employees - speak or writing in any way, whether paper or electronic mail.
  6. If there is a complaint from a client specific GULFSIP number
  7. use the network in terrorist acts, whether this threat to states or to private individuals.
    • Re - back the available balance in the account to the account's owner at the disconnection time.
    • The Customer has no right to claim the period of the expiration remained in the account whatever the remaining time in it.
    • the company has the right to re sell the account again after 90 days from the expiration date.

10.Products and international calls prices

Prices are things changing globally which cannot be controlled in accordance with the variables surrounding us always.

Therefore company has the right to change these prices any time it deems appropriate and without reference to any customer alert to this.

Based on the foregoing , Customer has no right to claim any kind of compensation after this change that has occurred.

  • All payments to GULFSIP for none hardware products are non-refundable
  • All charge backs or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.

11.Return Policy

Customer is entitled to and within 15 days only request to replacement of any GULFSIP device was shipped to him if it is proved that he is damaged or has any manufacturers defect, the customer has to re- ship this device to the exporting country (which shipped the device) and at his own expense to be borne by company with the re-shipping fees of the new device again to the Customer's country of origin.

In case of recharge or renew the account by mistake to another account, the company does not assume this mistake and the customer have to contact the other customer personally to refer to the recharge process mistake and could back to the customer service center for to adjust the expiration process mistake after the customer's approval who received this renewal.

12.Accounts annually and monthly renewal

GULFSIP provides all its telecom services (does not include international call services) by a subscription annual and monthly, without reference to the customer's or alert , and the company may change the amount of the subscription based on market demands. Please check the current value of the annual subscription through our site.

13.Legal use of our network

GULFSIP telecom network operates with the latest advanced technologies in the world, which enables you to make free calls,Within the same network (of the GULFSIP number to the GULFSIP number 100% free), and you can make international call to any mobile or landline number in the world with low cost price and high quality.so that we notify our customers that the legal use of GULFSIP network using any kind of methods listed above is the personal responsibility of the customer using the network, that will be according to the laws of the country in which that customers resides.

Note that many of the countries in the world that allows this kind of communication over the internet.

14.Salutation and official claim

Everybody have the right to address us formally only through our official E-mail below company will not be responsible for any address does not sent to us direct and formally via the below E-mail Sales@gulfsip.com

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