The main goal of GULFSIP is YOU..GULFSIP is to make it all easy.

GULFSIP is a VoIP provider to help you calling internationally

Make it all simple.Wherever you are.

Our Mission

We were founded for one goal , which was, and still is, to make it so easy to connect people together cross over the world using our services with the cheapest costs ever and sometimes free of charge!

Our services focused on only one thing : to make it simple for people living in all corners of the world to speak with thier family , friends and business partners without having to pay a long expensive bill.

Our Vision

GULFSIP wanted to make it totally free (or cheap) and easy to reach, whenever and wherever.

4 years, thousands of users in the whole world, Unlimited number of free minutes and a 90% cheap call rates, and we still have a long way to go.

With VoIP technology creating new possibilities for a cheaper international communication, text and video too.

How can GULFSIP help me ?

As we work to provide our customers with a multiply choices of HOW TO USE GULFSIP SERVICES we also works on how to make this services stable, dependable and clear.

Since the beginning of GULFSIP as a VoIP provider and till now we hold one idea which is "PEOPLE NEED TO COMMUNICATE" and to do that you must have an easy and fast cheap way to do it, this idea make us work on how to provide the world community with the best, easiest, fastest and cheapest call services in the world.

So we have come with a lot of choices to use our services like mobile applications " iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile" or computer application on Windows or even through our hardware devices GULFSIP ATA and Land Line Convertor.

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